hello there!

welcome to my website! i hope you enjoy your stay in my little corner of the internet ^_^ i coded this all myself so please take a look around! this site is always a work in progress, and it's best viewed on a 1920 x 1080 screen. it's not optimized for mobile, unfortunately... this site's namesake is cloudtail (cloudpaw) from warrior cats by erin hunter! you should check it out in my nav.

my name is sasha, and i'm currently pursuing a university degree in linguistics! feel free to check out my extended about. sign my guestbook too! ^_^

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recent updates:

jan 28 (sat) -- cattery is now live!! check out my warrior cats...

jan 25 (wed) -- new theme! all pages updated, new blog organization, removed changelog (cause it was redundant)

dec 17 (sat) -- updated gender page + index + favourites, new favicons

dec 13 (tues) -- updated music page, tweaked layout, new last.fm widget.

- warrior cats shrine (all series but mostly focusing on the prophecies begin), gothic language shrine

- language blogs (japanese, dutch), thoughts/articles page, minecraft photo gallery (in progress), graphics page

- book reviews page (wip)

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