about me

hiii! i'm sasha elias, the webmaster of this site ^_^ i'm 18 years old, i live in ontario, canada, and i'm bisexual! i'm also trans, and if you want to know a bit more about how i personally identify and view my gender, you can head over to the gender page. if you don't feel like reading that, short explanation is that i consider myself bigender, i use any pronouns, blah blah blah... more on the gender page.

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likes & dislikes & hobbies

my favourite colour is blue (not like royal blue, more of a grey-blue like #194780 or #4871a3), my favourite food is potato leek soup and my favourite dessert is pumpkin pie, i listen to music 24/7, i love lava lamps, i only drink red gatorade, i really like water (riverclan warrior right here), and i am a weedhead.

i HATE tomatoes. get them shits away. i also dislike gatorade zero.

media i'm into include neon genesis evangelion, puella magi madoka magica, haikyuu!, erased (boku dake ga inai machi), a silent voice, and yuri! on ice for anime and manga, minecraft and project sekai for games (and animal crossing: new horizons, but i barely ever play), and warrior cats is my favourite book series. of all time. i have 63 of them in my room at home... i also like maurice by e.m. forster and the agony of bun o'keefe by heather smith.

hobbies of mine are knitting, coding, burning music onto cds (i use musify to rip files from spotify because i love stealing), and modding mechanical keyboards. mine is currently an epomaker th80 with programmer 996 keycaps, gateron pro yellow switches, lubed and taped stabs, and a tape modded pcb. it sounds sick and i love typing on it.

my favourite music artists are mcr, green day, the tragically hip, vylet pony, black dresses, 100 gecs, underscores, and mitski. among others. i listen to lots of music all the time and i like lots of genres like hyperpop, alternative rock, breakcore, indie rock, electronic, glitch pop, japanese city pop, noise pop, vocaloid, korean r&b, kpop, japanese alt rock, pop punk, etc... my top song on spotify 2022 was mcr's desert song which i listened to 4,975 times. so. well anyways check out the music page for more music stuffs

my biggest passion is languages, i've been learning japanese for about 6 years now, and i have also dabbled in gothic, latin, czech, and dutch on the side... i'm currently learning dutch and anishinabemowin (algonquin) and it's very fun! i'm pursuing a university degree in linguistics, and i hope to do something regarding language conservation in the future. that or historical linguistics, which is my favourite linguistics subfield.

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