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the five clans have lived among each other in harmony for generations. their territories lie along a river, spanning approximately 10 kilometers from the mountains to the sea. alderclan, jayclan, and birchclan's territories are on the west side of the river, while breezeclan and grassclan's territories are on the eastern side.

though the clans are independent from each other, relations are friendly between them, and it is common for a cat to have close friends outside of their clan, whether that be with a cat from another clan or someone from outside the clans.

inter-clan relationships are permitted and not discouraged, but if one parent does not join the other's clan, a meeting between the two cats, their respetive leaders, and a mediator must be held to determine where the kits will be raised (usually, kits are raised in their mother's clan unless a different agreement is reached) and how the other cat will be able to interact with their kits.

similarly, the clans are accepting of relationships with loners, rogues, and housecats. new blood strengthens the clans, and relationships with cats from outside the clans are welcomed. if a cat wants to join a clan, they should not be turned away, but given a challenge to prove themself worthy of joining the clan -- these tasks are usually easy, such as gathering five pieces of prey for their mate or travelling with the clan leader to speak with Starclan for their blessing.

there are mediators that stay in each clan for a moon at a time to help reach agreements, settle arguments, etc. they circulate between clans so that they do not grow attached to a specific clan and remain unbiased. despite having no strong connection to a single particular clan, they are deeply valued and welcomed in every clan. there can only be one mediator in each clan at a given time unless a mediator has an apprentice, in which case they will travel with their mentor until they recieve their full name. then, their mentor must retire to a clan of their choosing.

during times of conflict greater than that which can be solved by a mediator alone, the leaders of each clan involved being a council of three senior warriors, two apprentices (or young warriors, if necessary), their medicine cats, and whichever mediator is in their clan at the time. then, they discuss their conflict and, if an agreement is not reached, continue to meet every ten days as necessary.

during the full moon, the clans gather together at the Tall Stones, a clearing in the woods where there are a group of boulders which the leaders sit on while addressing the assembled cats. at the half-moon, medicine cats gather at the Lake of Stars, a small pool in a cave on grassclan's border with jayclan -- the border splits at the entrance to this cave so that no clan can claim ownership over it. at the quarter-moon, the mediators gather at the Tall Stones to discuss their activities for the past moon. then, they switch clans. at the new-moon, the leaders of each clan (and occasionally their deputies) and the mediators gather to discuss prey, border disputes, inter-clan relationships, etc.

at the beginning of the Cold Season (leaf-bare), the clans all gather together to celebrate the ending of the growing season and the beginning of a new one. each clan will bring prey, and they eat together and share tongues under the night sky. when the Warm Season (greenleaf) comes, queens from each clan (and the mates of clan cats who live outside the clans, who wish to join the gathering) who have given birth since the last Warm Season gathering or who will give birth before the next, gather to give news of their kits, share kit-rearing tactics, and exchange prey and stories.

each clan has their own celebrations, traditions, language dialects, and unique lifestyles. but, they are similar in their respect for Starclan and the Warrior Code, which they live by and fight for, even at the cost of their life. they help each other in times of need, and respect each other and the territories which sustain them.

    now, meet the clans!

birdheart is a ginger-and-white tabby she-cat with yellow eyes. she enjoys her role as a mediator, and wouldn't change it for the world. she enjoys hunting small animals like mice, though she is learnig how to fish. she doesn't have much patience for it, much to the suprise of her friends.

greyfoot is a dark grey tabby she-cat with green eyes and a white tail tip. her favourite prey is thrush, and she loves to accompany hunting patrols just to see if she can catch some. she is funny and well-liked in all the clans, and somehow seems to be able to solve every conflict she comes across.

jaywing is a white and light gray tom with yellow eyes. he is swift-footed and nimble, and enjoys being in jayclan's camp the most, because he can jump from rock to rock -- much to the unease and concern of the jayclan cats.

rookpelt is a solid dark brown cat with green eyes. originally a loner, rookpelt joined breezeclan at first before deciding to become a mediator. they love their work, and are immensely grateful to all the clans for allowing them this opportunity.

spiderdust is a pale ginger tom with white tendril-like spots on his back and yellow eyes. spiderdust is known to be quite lazy, but the valuable contributions he makes to clan life more than make up for it. he spends most of his time training his apprentice, weedpaw.

weedpaw is a ginger cat with yellow eyes and a white mark on their head. their apprenticeship was an unusual one; usually mediator apprentices are chosen early in life before they have a chance to become very attached to one clan, but weedpaw chose to become a mediator after they had almost completed their training in jayclan. nevertheless, they have proven themself to be a fair and unbiased mediator, and are close to recieving their full name.


grassclan's territory lies on the eastern side of the river, spanning from slightly up the side of the mountains, to a thick stretch of woods, and to a large grassland area. their camp is in a large cave in the mountainside. during the cold season, the ground is warmed by a hot spring that empties into jayclan's territory. grassclan's main source of prey is ground animals such as mice, vole, shrew, rabbit, as well as birds, squirrels, and chipmunks from the forested part of their territory. they occasionally compete for food with large birds like hawks and owls, but this usually isn't a problem until the cold season when prey is scarce. grassclan cats have hard paw pads from their stony camp location.

grassclan's leader is almondstar. almondstar (formerly almondskip) is a brown-furred she-cat with a white face and belly, and green-hazel eyes. she is thought of as a kind, fair leader. an excellent speaker, almondstar is quick to spark a conversation with everyone she meets.

the deputy is sunspots, a calico warrior with ginger and brown spots. sunspots is an excellent hunter, and jumps to add himself to as many hunting patrols as he can manage. though lazy as an apprentice and a young warrior, sunspots thrives under the responsibility he holds as deputy and loves his clan deeply.

doepelt is grassclan's medicine cat. doepelt is a brown-and-white she-cat, often seen with jay feathers stuck in her pelt. as an apprentice, doepelt struggled with her identity as both a warrior apprentice and a tomcat. eventually, after being injured while on a hunting patrol, she discovered her love for herbs, and subsequently her trans identity. doespots is a popular medicine cat within all the clans, not only her own. she is loved for her kindness and compassion, and for the gentle way she speaks to young cats.

sandjay is the most senior warrior in the clan, and a trusted advisor to almondstar. they are a long-furred tabby-and-cream warrior with yellow-green eyes. a skilled fighter as a young warrior, nowadays they are more suited for planning battle tactics.

robinspeckle is a tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. she is an excellent hunter and an even better fighter. robinspeckle's favourite prey is vole, and she enjoys sharing fresk-kill with her daughter brindlepaw and giving her helpful tips that she learned when she herself was an apprentice.

brindlepaw is grassclan's sole apprentice. she is a tortoiseshell cat with hazel eyes. bridlepaw's main strength is her exceptional ability for climbing trees to pursue arboreal prey like squirrels.

grassheart is a fawn ticked tabby warrior with orange eyes. she and bluebird are considered the best hunters in the clan. grassheart spends most of its time sunning themself on a smooth stone just outside the camp or teaching kits hunting crouches.

bluebird is a blue-grey tabby queen with amber eyes. she greatly enjoys hunting, and her friend grassheart often watches her kits so she can slip out of the nursery and have some time to herself outside of camp. her mate is sunspots, and together they are raising their kits cloudkit (white kitten with a grey tabby tail and blue eyes), daykit (blue-eyed white kitten with a grey tabby spot on their face and shoulder), morningkit (white and ginger kitten with yellow eyes), and skykit (blue-eyed white kitten with a black tabby tail) to be future warriors of grassclan.


breezeclan's territory consists of mainly grassland and beach. their camp is in an area beside the sea, enclosed by large boulders with a tidal pool in the middle. breezeclan's main sources of prey include ground animals in their grassland territory, and marine animals like fish and crustaceans in their seaside land. breezeclan cats often smell strongly of salt, and are adept at cracking open shellfish with rocks, much like otters. they can swim well, though they prefer to swim in the freshwater river rather than the salty sea, because getting saltwater up one's nose or in one's mouth is... unpleasant to say the least. not to mention the way the salt dries in a cat's fur...

breezeclan's leader is sweetstar, a dark grey tabby she-cat with a white belly and green eyes. sweetstar often wears a red flower beside her ear, a gift from her single kitten snowkit (white kitten with a pale grey tail and yellow eyes. sweetstar is an excellent tactician, and a very wise leader. she loves her clan and her kit deeply, and would give up her life as many times as she needs to in order to keep her kit's home safe.

breezeclan's deputy is applebush, a seal-point warrior who joined the clan as a loner at eight moons old. applebush trained hard to become a full member of breezeclan, and was surprised when they were appointed after the death of the former deputy.

pearnose is breezeclan's medicine cat. he is a brown-furred tom with dark markings on his face and tail. pearnose's passion is helping others, and he thrives in his role as medicine cat. his favourite thing to do is letting his clanmates know that they are healthy after he has treated them, and he finds great joy and pride in sharing tales of success with other medicine cats.

riverstream is a senior warrior of the clan. she is a silver tabby queen with yellow eyes and a love for fishing. riverstream can often be found chatting with her friends grassheart and bluebird from grassclan on the rocky riverbank near their border, sharing stories and fishing together with them.

gorsetail is a ginger-and-brown tabby cat with blue eyes and a white throat. gorsetail's convenient pelt colour helps them to blend into the stalks of tall grass during the dry season, making them an excellent hunter. they prefer the taste of land prey rather than that from the sea.

blueheart is a brown and ginger tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes. she loves to catch animals like octopus, because she finds their textures to be interesting. blueheart's favourite activity is playing in the sand with her littermate gorsetail and being buried in the sand.

scotchbird is a brown-and-white cat with amber eyes who joined the clan as a young adult to be with their mate pearnose. they are quick on their feet, and sprints after rabbits with ease. scotchbird's two kits are lilykit (pale brown tabby kitten with yellow eyes) and heartkit (brown-and-white kitten with blue eyes).

swiftfoot is a tortoiseshell queen with dark hazel eyes. she is an incredibly strong fighter, and is often the first one the clan turns to when they need to put together a battle patrol. swiftfoot is nimble and quick, and uses this ability often when she has to pevent her two kits, rosekit (dark ginger tabby kit with blue eyes) and meadowkit (blue-eyed dark ginger tabby kit with white paws and belly), from escaping the camp.


alderclan's territory consists of forest, grassland, and a sliver of beach. they share a river border with breezeclan, but are rarely seen fishing. instead, alderclan warriors concern themselves with hunting arboreal and ground prey in the forests and grasslands of their territory. they occasionally compete for prey with foxes and coyotes, but alderclan warriors are known for being fierce fighters when their territory is threatened. they are also strong climbers, trained since kithood to hunt in the trees.

alderclan's leader is dewstar, a grey-and-white tabby cat with blue-green eyes who often wears forget-me-not flowers beside their ear. dewstar, formerly dewshine, is a strong leader who is fiercely protective of their clan. abandoned as a kit, dewstar was taken in by a alderclan queen and raised as a member of the clan. now, dewstar seeks to repay that kindness by being an impressive leader who brings alderclan into an era of prosperity.

ashheart is the deputy of alderclan, a blue-grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes and a white throat. she is the most skilled hunter in the clan, with an impressive sense of balance that allows her to creep stealthily along narrow tree branches to pursue arboreal prey like squirrels.

tawnyface is alderclan's russet-furred, hazel-eyed medicine cat. tawnyface originally trained as a warrior apprentice, but felt he would be better suited to walk the path of a medicine cat rather than a warrior. still, when not healing, tawnyface enjoys putting his additions to the fresh-kill pile and providing for his clan in any way that he can.

otterpatch is a brown and white tabby tom with dark blue eyes. he is often seen with a nettle woven into the fur behind his ear. otterpatch is a fast runner, and catches the most rabbits out of all the clan. his slight build also allows him to creep stealthily through the undergrowth, allowing him to surprise prey easily.

smoketail is a black-and-white she-cat with yellow eyes. she is the most energetic of the clan, constantly in and out of camp on as many different patrols as she can get in on. despite her intense disposition, she is often the last to jump into battle when she can help it, more keen to settle conflicts with words than blows.

stormfur is a long-furred black-and-white cat with yellow eyes. stormfur is quiet and introspective, but they enjoy sparring with their clanmates and watching over the kits so their parents can get some rest. some might think that stormfur would find the act of fishing calming, as other cats do, but stormfur doesn't quite have the patience for it.

mothclaw, a brown-and-white tabby she-cat with yellow eyes, is a warrior who mainly helps out in the nursery. she does not enjoy fighting, but will defend the clan;s kits with everything that she has. mothclaw can often be found bringing fresh-kill to the nursery and playing mossball with the kits.

darkberry is a grey-and-white tabby she-cat with yellow-green eyes. bearing a striking resemblance to her litternate smoketail, she is the more battly-ready of the two. darkberry relies heavily on her sister and clanmates while raising her two kits, oatkit (light grey tabby kitten with yellow eyes) and ryekit (white kitten with light brown patches), without her mate.

violetheart is a white-and-brown cat with yellow eyes. the main fisher of the clan, they are often spotted with bayrunner and oakspots of birchclan, less commonly whiskerdawn, snailpaw, and littlewind of jayclan, and even bluebird and grassheart of grassclan and riverstream of breezeclan on occasion. violetheart is a more independent cat, but gratefully accepts help with their three kits goosekit (tortoiseshell kitten with yellow eyes), dovekit (silver tabby kitten with blue eyes), and duckkit (white-and-brown tabby kitten with blue eyes), who were fathered by whiskerdawn of jayclan before the two split up.


jayclan's territory consists of mountain and forest. their camp is located on mountain cliffs, their dens made in hollows in the mountainside. because their camp is so ahrd to reach, jayclan warriors have tough paw pads much like those that grassclan warriors have. jayclan shares a land border with grassclan, though their territory spans far more into the mountains. their main sources of prey are small animals like mice and shrew, as well as fish from the river and birds of prey, which jayclan warriors train extensively to be able to take down. there is a small hot spring on this clan's territory, which warriors frequent during the cold season both to warm their paws and to catch any prey that my have had the same idea.

pondstar, formerly pondrun, is the leader of jayclan. pondstar is a blue-gray and white tom with leaves seemingly always stuck to his pelt. pondstar's mother was a purebread housecat, which is where he got his long, thick fur from. pondstar is sometimes unsure of himself and his abilities, but consulting with his senior warriors always reassures him of his capability.

littlewind, a white-and-grey she-cat with blue eyes, is jayclan's deputy. littlewind is a small cat, but by no means a weak one. littlewind is fierce, able to take down an eagle by herself, and has earned the respect of her clanmates and her position as deputy tenfold.

wheatfoot, a dusty brown tabby with yellow eyes, is the medicine cat. sie has loved the scent of the medicine den, and jumped at the opportunity to train as a medicine cat. wheatfoot loves colelcting herbs, and almost always seems to find others to stop and chat with. wheatfoot is known among the clans to be an incorrigible gossip, but no one really finds hir to be a bother.

sedgepelt is one of the more senior warriors in the clan. he is a grey tabby tom with a white tail-tip and front paw, and blue eyes. sedgepelt loves helping to train apprentices, and is often found helping them with new battle moves, or teaching them a more effective way to creep up on small prey.

birchspots is a black-and-white speckled cat with startling green eyes. they are affectionate and hard-working, making them popular in the clan. birchspots spend much of their time hunting for the clan and training with their apprentice sorrelpaw.

sorrelpaw is a ginger-and-white she-cat with bright green eyes. she is close with her mentor birchspots, and often comes to them for advice. she can almost always be found training with her littermate snailpaw -- and the other apprentices, when snailpaw is down by the river getting his paws wet.

snailpaw is a brown-and-white tom with dark hazel eyes. despite his name, snailpaw is quick on his feet, and nearly outran a rabbit once. he likes hunting, and can oftentimes be found fishing in the river. he finds it calming, and he likes getting to talk to his loner friend, calf.

whiskerdawn is a tortoiseshell tomcat with yellow eyes and jay feathers in his fur. formerly a housecat, and then a loner, whiskerdawn has led a long and exciting life, but was happy to be accepted into jayclan and settle down. he had a brief relationship with violetheart of alderclan, but broke off the relationship when he decided he did not want to leave jayclan to be with them. twice a moon, he and violetheart bring their kits to the river to spend time with them, teaching them to fish.

cottonfoot is a brown-and-white tuxedo tom with hazel eyes. he is a strong fighter and enjoys spending his time repairing things in the camp and accompanying wheatfoot when sie goes down into the forest to collect herbs and moss. his mate is birchspots, and his kits (who he is immensely proud of) are beechpaw and lizardpaw.

beechpaw is a brown-and-white speckled cat with amber eyes. they are an avid hunter, and spend many hours a day training so that they might one day being down a hawk all by themself. beechpaw's favourite kind of prey is vole, and their dream is to one day bring down a hawk with a vole clutched in its talons. two prey for the price of one!

lizardpaw is a brown-and-white she-cat with yellow-green eyes. she is a great fighter, and has unusually strong limbs for a cat her age. she spends her time hauling herself up trees in the forest to increase her strength.

tuliptail is a white queen with brown patches and blue eyes. she loves being a mother and staying in the nursery, helping to raise others' kits if not her own. soon before sorrelpaw and snailpaw were apprenticed, a border patrol brought back an abandoned kit they had found high in the mountains, and she immediately volunteered to nurse it. she loves bearkit (a brown tabby kitten with yellow eyes and a white spot on their forehead) dearly, and enjoys watching sorrelpaw and snailpaw play with them.


birchclan's territory is primarily woodland. they hunt both ground and arboreal prey, and are skilled at climbing trees in pursuit. their territory is close to the twolegplace, so they are the clan that sees the most passers-by. near the middle of their territory, there is a forest gully where they have made their camp. beside that, there is a small stream that apprentices frequent after removing ticks from the elders. this stream is also a good source for prey.

the birchclan leader is swanstar, formerly known as swanbelly. swanstar is a white she-cat with light grey patches and bright green eyes. she is light on her feet and silent as a mouse, making her very skilled at birdcatching. swanstar tends to keep the feathers from her prey to line her nest with, but they often end up in her pelt.

bayrunner, a white cat with light brown patches and blue eyes, is the deputy. they are arguably the most skilled fighter in the clan, but don't enjoy it. instead, they concern themself with fishing down at the river, often bumping into violetheart of alderclan or littlewind of jayclan when near either borders.

oakspots is birchclan's medicine cat, a brown tabby she-cat with white paws and yellow eyes who loves to go for long walks in the forest. friendly and approachable, oakspots can oftenbe found somewhere along the border, chatting with a passing border patrol from another clan, or tending to her favourite patch of catmint just outside the camp.

firenose is birchclan's most recognizable warrior. with his flame-coloured pelt and bright green eyes, he can be spotted from a mile away no matter the season; this is why firenose prefers to hunt at night. his night sight is the best in the clan, making him the ideal leader of nighttime hunting patrols -- or ambushes.

sweetjaw is a cream-and-brown tom with green eyes and a love for ardorning his pelt with various leaves he finds while out on patrol. sweetjaw knows he isn't exactly the best at anything, but he is a highly valued warrior. after all, a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of none. he is often training with the apprentices, teaching some and learning some.

waterstripe is the oldest cat in all the clans. they have lived through countless seasons, fought countless battles, hunted countless prey. now, in their earned retirement, they enjoy telling exaggerated stories to kits and apprentices and taking long, slow strolls through the woods during the warm season.

sheeppaw is a white cat with a black tail and blue eyes, named after their unusual curly pelt. born a housecat, sheeppaw joined the clan as sheep, and has trained hard to become the best hunter that they can be. they are close as siblings with the other apprentices despite not being raised together.

owlpaw is a black-and-white she-cat with big blue eyes. her favourite activity is jumping down on passing patrols from the treetops, especially when her brother rabbitpaw happens to be in attendance.

rabbitpaw is a brown-and-white tuxedo tom with yellow eyes. his striking resemblance to cottonfoot of jayclan was the talk of all the clans after his birth, much to the annoyance of his mother turtlepatch, who steadfastly maintains that his father is her mate bayrunner.

turtlepatch is a white-and-brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes. she loves climbing trees, and hates getting her paws wet. she can often be found lounging in the branches of a tree, watching the camp from above -- she has taken to this more frequently since a stoat managed to enter the camp and attack her kit, goldkit (a white kit with pale ginger spots and blue eyes), while their sibling, honeykit (a white kitten with light ginger spots and yellow eyes), wailed for help. she is fiercely protective of her clan and would lay down her life for it.


duck is a white-and-brown tabby cat with blue eyes and a penchant for hunting frogs and lizards. duck's favourite prey is frog, which they can often be found stalking down by the river. others think it's gross, but duck likes the crunch.

hay is a light brown and white long-furred tom with blue-green eyes who lives in a barn close to the grassclan border. he contents himself with hunting mice in the haystacks of his barn, but sometimes wanders down to the sea to chat with any breezeclan patrols who stumble upon him.

nose is a silver-and-white housecat with yellow-green eyes. she likes hunting in the woods behind her housefolk's den, and occasionally runs into passing birchclan patrols. she's friendly with them, but knows they'll chase her off in a heartbeat if she dares step onto their territory without permission. she respects it.

gooseberry is a white-and-brown tom with yellow eyes who lives in the mountains around jayclan's territory. born into jayclan, he left as an apprentice because he wanted to find his own path in life. he still occasionally runs into his sister tuliptail, and they share tongues and prey from time to time. his life is good.

tabby is a brown cat with white patches, green eyes, and leaves constantly stuck in xer pelt. tabby is a wanderer, travelling from the twolegplace to the forest to the sea to the mountains and back again. xe is a great hunter, and often mingles with cats hunting down at the river, along with cow & calf, duck, and milkweed.

milkweed is a white-and-silver she-cat with yellow-green eyes. formerly a housecat, she ran away after her housefolk began to mistreat her. she's much happier now; she can visit her littermate, nose, and roam wherever she wants. it's a nice life.

cow is a white she-cat with black patches and yellow-green eyes. she grew up in a barn, but decided she wanted to roam more frely in her adult life. now, she and her half-grown kit calf live in the woods by the sea, fishing and sunning themselves in the sand.

calf is a white cat with black spots and yellow-green eyes. kit loves to sit at the river and fish with the older cats, because it makes kit feel helpful. plus, kit loves getting the opportunity to see snailpaw. they sit away from the other cats together and chat about their lives... and, kit supposes, it doesn't hurt that snailpaw is easy on the eyes.

grasshopper is a light brown tabby cat with a white throat and paws and yellow-green eyes. he comes from far away across the sea, and, somewhere along the way, picked up little ladybug (a red kitten with white paws and green eyes). he's slowed down his travels now that he's got a kit to look after, but ladybug is endlessly curious, so it's never boring.

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