last updated: dec 17

updated gender page layout, favourites page, new favicons for each page

dec 17 (sat) -- 10:51pm

updated layout of gender page, updated favourites page (added photos, tweaked formatting), new favicons for every page

dec 13 (tues) -- 10:53 pm

changed layout of music page, added some new graphics and new widget. it looks so cuteness now. also edited about

dec 12 (mon)

added lots more graphics on the index to liven it up, added a few new site buttons to the neighbours sidebox

dec 05 (mon)

added list of cds to music page

nov 24 (thurs)

edited the layout a bit -- changed background colours & added new sidebar with site buttons. removed lots of embedded music in right sidebar (it was a bit much), aded new chatbox and visitor/online counters.

nov 19 (sat) -- 8:14 pm

huge layout change, new url, updated about & gender pages, removed rambles and cattery pages (cattery and shrines pages under construction), planning new gallery and graphics pages

sept 27 (tues) -- 12:40 am

cattery is live, still under construction

aug 09 (tues) -- 1:23 am

new gender page is live

aug 09 (tues) -- 12:12 am

added content to music page

aug 08 (mon) -- 11:50 pm
added content to favourites page
aug 07 (sun) -- 2:13 pm
under construction/maintenance page added
aug 07 (sun) -- 2:00 pm
new about is live
aug 07 (sun) -- 1:05 pm
all pages changed over to new layout, sitemap now live
aug 07 (sun) -- 4:00 am
completely redid layout. hope you like it!!
jul 01 (fri) -- 2:17 am
new blog post + updated gender page
apr 29 (fri) -- 11:28 pm
reorganized blog page & entries, created new rambles page. more efficient this way. 2 new blog posts and a ramble.
mar 18 (fri) -- 12:41 am
updated about page
mar 17 (thurs) -- 11:58 pm
started working around 11 pm, finished the gender page finally! fixed homepage layout sizing being inconsistent with other pages as well.
mar 05 (sat) -- 1:48 am
started working around 11:30 pm on march 04, posted 2 blog posts and 3 playlists ^_^
mar 02 (wed) -- 8:39 pm
coming back to work on the different pages ^_^ hopefully i can get a few done! i also just lost my longest friendship ever about 2 hours ago so i'm using this to distract myself from the pain.. code the pain away i guess lol
mar 01 (tues) -- 10:37 pm
FINALLY figured out how to add an image. that took way too long, luckily i saved a bunch of pictures and gifs while i was at work so i've already got a fair amount of things i know i want to add ^_^
mar 01 (tues) -- 9:34 pm
just got off work, sitting back down to code some more.. i'm planning on adding some images! hopefully it all works out okay..
feb 28 (mon) -- 11:23 pm
hi there! my name is sasha, welcome to my website! this is currently a work in progress, so please stay tuned for the finished project! i'm planning to add multiple pages, a chatbox, music player, and more images! i'm very excited for it... i've been sitting here coding for almost four hours now, and my hands hurt a little. but i must go on!
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