here is a collection of some of my favourite music from bandcamp! this page contains my ultimate favorites, but other albums and songs i like are embedded in every page.
my cd collection

i've been collecting and making cds for over a year now and it's safe to say i have a fair few. here's the full list:

self made:

Black Dresses



    Peaceful As Hell

100 gecs

    100 gecs

    1000 gecs


    Minecraft: Volume Alpha

    Minecraft: Volume Beta (+ dragonfish, axolotl, shuniji)

My Chemical Romance

    I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

    Conventional Weapons (compiled into a single disc)

Various Artists:

    8485 - Alpha Testing

    food house - food house

    tarutrit - hyperpop ep

    DJ Kuroneko - Kuroneko

    RQ laji-2 - oopsy daisy

    webcage - peer 2 peer

    underscores - fishmonger

    Dorian Electra - My Agenda

    Vylet Pony - CUTIRMARKS (And The Things That Bind Us)

    various compilations of miscellaneous vocaloid, nightcore, hyperpop


My Chemical Romance

    Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

    Welcome to the Black Parade

    Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

The Tragically Hip

    Trouble at the Henhouse

    Fully Completely

various artists

    blink-182 - Enema of the State

    Avril Lavigne - Let Go

    Green Day - International Superhits

    Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue

    Of Monsters and Men - My Head is an Animal

i'm sure there are a few here that i'm lissing, but these are all of the ones i brought with me to university. i've also been meaning to make more, because i've bought a few things from bandcamp since i've last made any cds... i'll be sure to update this page when i do!
here are some of my favourite albums or songs, embedded from bandcamp!
WASTEISOLATION, black dresses:

an album about trauma, existence, anger, and transmisogyny. i found black dresses first through CARTOON NETWORK from their 2019 album LOVE AND AFFECTION FOR STUPID LITTLE BITCHES, and after exploring their discography i became enamoured with the song ETERNAL NAUSEA, and later the entire WASTEISOLATION album. my favourite song is RUNNER, with THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS and LEGACY as close seconds.

this album makes me feel craaaazy insane unwell sick in the head. on the floor keening screaming sobbing pulling my hair out etc but it's soooo good. the sounds are everything, i love both of their voices... this album is just incredible.

CUTIEMARKS (and the things that bind us), vylet pony:

this album is about the idea of purpose as it relates to the cutie mark crusaders in my little pony: friendship is magic, and about love and heartbreak, perseverance, identity, and trauma. i first discovered the album through the song LESBIAN PONIES WITH WEAPONS and i only listened to CUTIEMARKS on repeat for over a month. itโ€™s a jumble of different sounds and genres, but it works really well. my favourite song is probably NONEXISTANT MEET-CUTE or ISOMETRICA.


just a nightcore/rave remix of dear maria count me in by all time low... i like to listen to this on full volume while jumping around in my room or rolling around on the floor. the sounds in this are just incredible, it's so perfect.

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